Monday, October 14, 2013

Style Shoot

I have blown up my instagram, personal facebook page, business page, and every other social media platform minus Snapchat (because that is just plain creepy) with this style shoot but I thought I might as well blog about it as well. :) You might remember me mentioning working on a shoot this summer in south Arkansas with the fabulous Danielle Davis and some other uber talented wedding vendors. Well this shoot is the culmination of a lot of hard work, lots of sweat (gosh that day was soo so hot), and a tons of planning!

Here are a few pictures including some of the desserts I provided. The theme revolved around seventies with bohemian and bold accents. I made mushroom sugar cookies decorated in monochromatic neutrals and rounds with edible ink fern transfers. I also did some desserts that channeled the seventies: Brown sugar pound bundt cakes with candied pecans and a modern take on the traditional "Cheerio" Pie. When researching for this shoot, I asked my mom what some popular desserts were in that era, she quickly responded with Cherrio Pie, a cream filled pie topped with cherry pie filling. I thought I would snaz it up a bit with an almond crust and instead of the saccharine sweet pie topping, a fresh black cherry. I was very pleased with the desserts and think they looked fab with the overall styling!

Check out the full post here on The Wedding Post.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I have been up to-

Well I'm sure you all have missed me terribly- right??.. and some of you probably think that the radio silence is due to pregnancy or something big and life changing.. Sorry to disappoint but this girl has been busayyy!! With a capitol B! Today I baked 40 dozen cookies. No, that isn't a typo, I really did bake 480 cookies. It was intense and actually didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would but either way- I have been consumed with sugar and butter and my ass is starting to show it. Does anyone have a good gum recommendation because I need to start chomping on something to keep me from taste testing every recipe.

Some updates:

*I grabbed another great write up in the "press". Love it! Head over to my baking blog for the full exchange.

*Brady turned 30. I pulled together a surprise birthday party with some of his oldest cronies two Fridays ago. It was fabulous and I made "Some of Brady's favorite things" themed cookies.

My favorite ones- Rainbow trout complete with pink airbrush and gold lustre!

*His present from me is also deserves a mention-

Nope, not a scrapbook. Even though that is what he thought at first. Man, how terrible of a present would that be for a big birthday such as 30? "Hey honey, I love you so much that I printed out all of our instagram photos and glued them to paper that way instead of looking back over all of our memories digitally, you can do it on paper." I'm not hating on scrapbookers- I really wish I could make money off of making them because I thoroughly enjoy them. But that would be a pretty crappy gift.

We will be flying into Denver and then driving down to Crested Butte to spend time at a friends place for a long weekend. Special Thanks to Anne Claire for being my partner in crime and main schemer, and Paige for getting us a rock bottom price on a rental car. These gals took care of our housing, transport, and surprises. Love them both!

*Cookies. Cookies and cookies. If you want the full monty you can head to the Facebook page. Man, I'm really glad that special order sugar cookies are all the rage these days. My life is busier now than it was with a "real" job. Who woulda thought owning your own business would keep you busy more than a 9-5er. Sheesh!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Musings

We had a great weekend with some dear friends who came up for the game. We enjoyed watching the Razorbacks win a very hottt hot game, laughed with new and old friends, and sipped on our very first Pumpkin Spice Lattes of the season. Yummy! I stumbled on this Buzzfeed post and had to share. Read over and tell me you aren't excited about the impending weather and season shift.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Five for Friday

This whirlwind of a week has been joyous and tiring all at the same time. I am ready for a fabulous holiday weekend celebrating new baby Teeter, the arrival of Razorback football season and the ushering in of Fall.

Overjoyed at how the feature turned out in Social South magazine. Make sure to check it out- it starts on page 17. :)

Celebrating my busiest week to date and loving these fun third birthday cookies.

Catching up on some computer work and enjoying Ollie Cat's company. Batting my hand from behind the computer while I type is one his favorite hobbies these days.

On cloud nine with new business developments and opportunities. I'll share details soon! One of the perks of having your own business is working with amazingly talented designers on branding materials. Check out my new cards (full unveil soon!) by the fabulous Tabibi Design.

This pie. Dinner with friends. Excited Sarah.

Arkansas peach pie with streusel topping

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lusting for Fall Leather

I am loving that leather is a big trend this Fall- again. It is easy to wear and even easier to accessorize because I'm a big believer in letting your statement clothing speak for itself; a few accessories are all you need. Wearing leather with animal prints, neons, and/ or glitter is of course a no-no; I prefer to throw on my leather tank with a pair of jeans, my leather skirt with a white/ black t and call it a day. These are some items I am currently obsessing over.

Leather Plane Pullover- So cozy- so chic. I need!

Theory Leather Pullover

Forever21 Faux Leather Sleeve T 

Tinley Road Vegan Leather Blazer

Tinley Road Vegan Leather Tank- I ordered this last week and love it! Cheap and on sale too!

What are you fall fashion favs right now?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Necklace Organization

I tackled a project this weekend that I have been looking forward to completing- organizing my necklaces! They used to be housed in a tall glass canister which looked great but wasn't the most efficient when my necklace choice of the day was all the way at the bottom. Lucky/Unluckily, I shattered the vessel while cleaning a few weeks back and this has been their home lately.

This canvas that hides in the toilet nook serves as the mounting spot for my belt and tie racks that now organize my necklaces. The construction was very easy, a couple screws in the back braces and done!

Voila! An easy update to organize all of my costumy necklaces. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Five For Friday

Happy Friday! This week has been a joy! How has your week shaped up? Here are some tidbits from our week.

Enjoying some delicious breakfasts filled with fresh and local produce. (Yes, we always eat huge breakfasts..).

Celebrating the fact that I made it to three crossfit classes this week, with number four tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will hold myself accountable and keep the trend next week.

This new candle was the perfect addition to our cool nights this week. Musky, woodsy and slightly sweet, it is a new fav.

One of my orders this week was for Linzer cookies to accompany an European wedding party. These were a welcomed change to my regular baking schedule.

Linzer cookies with Apricot and Fig preserves. I think even Martha would approve.

Ordering some new cookie cutters and the fun game that ensues of trying to figure out what shapes are what..