Friday, December 21, 2012

Five for Friday

Whoa- This week was a whirlwind. (Please try to say that five times fast and record the results and share with me via email.. thanx). I love the week before a vacation because you are inundated with to-do lists, laundry and packing. In between all of that stuff we got together with some friends, celebrated "our" Christmas, and I finally went to our gym's 5:30 am Functional Training class (glorified Crossfit). It will be the death of my thighs and butt tomorrow- mark my words. Here's a picture recap of our week.

1. Celebrating Christmas with Brady on Wednesday night a bit earlier than normal. We decided this year it would be nice to open presents at our house and with our own agenda. It always seems Brady and I miss out on our personal time with the rushing and driving around during the holidays. It was a much needed reprieve before the true hustle and bustle starts.

I absolutely LOVE wrapping presents. Can't you tell?!?
B is always a great gifter. My absolute fav present is this hand made copper cuff from my favorite jewelry store, Hillcrest Designer Jewelry. 
I think I did really good for my outdoor enthusiast. He loves his new "headband" which he has been coveting since our vacay in Crested Butte this summer. Both the guide and my bro-in-law had one and apparently it's a necessity. He also received Ugg slippers- what man wouldn't want Uggs? They aren't just for women boys.. Promise.

2. Enjoying some DIY projects including this one. I love to make things for people and this year I think my mom will love love this gift. 
Bronze necklace with agate drop
Rings I made for my work gals.

3. Finally finishing up my Ann Potter Baking logo. So so excited!! What do you think? Do you love as much as I do?!?

4. Having a sweet cookie order for a dear friend. She is going to be sending these bad boys to her bridesmaids, flowers girls and ring bearer.

5. Last but not least: Having three sweet fur babies to love on this holiday season. And seeing them love each other- does anyone else's cat love his sisters as much as sweet Ollie cat??

Is this normal?!?!?

Look at his sweet paws resting on Lily? 

Happy Friday and Happy Holidays!! I will be out of town until Wednesday so I probably won't (definitely won't be) updating like I should but we'll see.. Ha!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Painted wooden disc necklaces

This Christmas I have done a lot of DIY gifts for my friends and family. As a girl on a b.u.d.g.e.t. I am a large advocate of making gifts as opposed to just buying. I love receiving handmade gifts so I always assume others do too, plus it is always fun to pull out your craft supplies and make an evening of it.

I found this fun project online here and basically followed the same steps minus a few..

The inspiration
 All you really need for this project is round wooden disks, craft paint (my favorite is Martha Stewart- at Michaels), paint brushes, a hot glue gun, chain for necklace and jewelry bails. All of these items can be found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

First step is to take off sections on the disks and then you just start painting. I allowed mine to dry between coats (I did 2-3 depending on the colors) and then you can tape over paint and continue along.. This project is super simple and everyone seems to love their necklaces! 

The finished products. You can see mine are imperfect- and I just used the colors I had on hand.

If I had had more time, I would have used modpodge to paint over and "seal" the paint but I think they turned out adorbs. What do ya'll think?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So in case you haven't noticed... I am updating the blog. My brain is in creative overdrive right now with this project, some DIY Christmas presents and a cookie order this week so I am very sorry for the lack of content today. I promise tomorrow I will have a simple and snazzy art project for you.. Promise promise!

Whatcha think of the changes so far? Also- someone please tell me where and how to find and upload buttons for social media apps such as Pinterest and Facebook..

Thanks! Be back tomorrow with riveting crafts.. Yeah, crafts can totally be riveting. :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Canine Christmas

Everyone have all of their holiday shopping completed? Yeah, me either.. I have a couple more presents to pick up (and make) including presents for our fur babies. We have two golden retrievers and a cat, surely everyone knows about these three hellions by now.. And the dogs wanted to tell you Merry Christmas.

Just kidding.. Lily and Zoe are definitely not that well behaved but these two look strangely similar to ours..
I am also going to run by PetSmart to pick up some kongs and catnip. Making homemade dog treats using this recipe and my new bone cookie cutter are also on this week's agenda. Anyone have a recipe they have used before? This one has carrots and apples and seems pretty simple and yummy- our dogs eat lint from the dryer so surely they will enjoy these.. They just aren't that picky.

Carrot and banana dog treats
I have to admit I am a total sucker for the Martha Stewart pet collection at PetSmart- or any Martha collection for that matter.. This year don't forget about your furry friends and if you don't have any pets- well then I think that's just strange- please consider adopting from your local shelter or donating. 

Proof that cats can be awesome.. Lily and Oliver cat

And that dogs really are Man's Best Friend. Brady and Zoe

Happy Tuesday- man, is it realllly only Tuesday?...

Monday, December 17, 2012

Five for Friday: Monday edition

I didn't quite get around to doing a blog post this past Friday because of work and the shear shock of the events in Connecticut. Here's a link to my sister's blog post which really sums up my thoughts and prayers.. Scroll down to the very bottom.. Yes, it is a post featuring pictures of her little family and her daughter dressed up as a peacock but the last paragraph hit the nail on the head to me. This Monday I am grateful for dear friends, good family, and blessed life.

1. Having a grand time at our annual Arkansas Times work Christmas party. I love my work environment and work buddies.

Angie and me at our work Christmas party. So much fun!

Brady, myself, Erin and Mark at the party.

2. Completing three holiday orders last week for Ann Potter Baking. I love this time of year!

3. Receiving these early Christmas presents from the husband so I can get a leg up on some holiday reading while preparing for the movie dates.

4. Finally finding a suitable picture for our Christmas cards this year and the video that explains why no one will be getting one in the mail.. Ain't nobody got time for that..

The family picture

5. Having a great weekend filled with friends and random friend sightings at Ciao Baci.

Brady's cousin Madison. I didn't get pictures with the other peeps I stumbled into.. 

How's everyone's Monday going?