Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Home Sweet Home-Fayetteville

Today is my first Wednesday as a "baker". Bear with me, it's the little things people.. We had a great weekend at the river house with friends and then I stayed a couple of extra days in Fayetteville so I could spend time with my family. It was glorious and these pictures are just a few of the reasons why. I caught up on sleep (minus Monday night when the storms rolled through), did a little shopping, ate delicious food and drank wine on the pavilion with my parents. Sigh...

Peonies just about to bloom.

Admiring my pedicure while walking around the garden.

A great lunch date with mom and Meghan finished off with the most divine dessert imaginable. Maple bacon brittle ice cream? Yes, puhlease!!

Fresh Arkansas strawberries for breakfast. 

A sweet "Congratulations!" present from my momma and sister. Pine Cone Hill summer robe.
I am back in Little Rock and back in action. Shipped some cookies this morning, now onto errands for my business. Happy Hump Day!