Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I have been up to-

Well I'm sure you all have missed me terribly- right??.. and some of you probably think that the radio silence is due to pregnancy or something big and life changing.. Sorry to disappoint but this girl has been busayyy!! With a capitol B! Today I baked 40 dozen cookies. No, that isn't a typo, I really did bake 480 cookies. It was intense and actually didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would but either way- I have been consumed with sugar and butter and my ass is starting to show it. Does anyone have a good gum recommendation because I need to start chomping on something to keep me from taste testing every recipe.

Some updates:

*I grabbed another great write up in the "press". Love it! Head over to my baking blog for the full exchange.

*Brady turned 30. I pulled together a surprise birthday party with some of his oldest cronies two Fridays ago. It was fabulous and I made "Some of Brady's favorite things" themed cookies.

My favorite ones- Rainbow trout complete with pink airbrush and gold lustre!

*His present from me is also deserves a mention-

Nope, not a scrapbook. Even though that is what he thought at first. Man, how terrible of a present would that be for a big birthday such as 30? "Hey honey, I love you so much that I printed out all of our instagram photos and glued them to paper that way instead of looking back over all of our memories digitally, you can do it on paper." I'm not hating on scrapbookers- I really wish I could make money off of making them because I thoroughly enjoy them. But that would be a pretty crappy gift.

We will be flying into Denver and then driving down to Crested Butte to spend time at a friends place for a long weekend. Special Thanks to Anne Claire for being my partner in crime and main schemer, and Paige for getting us a rock bottom price on a rental car. These gals took care of our housing, transport, and surprises. Love them both!

*Cookies. Cookies and cookies. If you want the full monty you can head to the Facebook page. Man, I'm really glad that special order sugar cookies are all the rage these days. My life is busier now than it was with a "real" job. Who woulda thought owning your own business would keep you busy more than a 9-5er. Sheesh!