Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

I left yall last week and for that I am sorry. I will spare you the "I was swamped with blah blah blah" details and just get back to blogging. Deal? Deal!

This weekend was the first in town in quite a while. And it was glorious. Friday night we went to the Ballet Arkansas Turning Pointe fundraiser honoring Chelsea Clinton. The event was held at the Supermarine Aviation hanger and it was STUNNING! Seriously the gals who put this event together did a fabulous job- wish I had taken pictures of the setup. The airplane hanger is all white- stark glossy white floors, white ceiling, everything pristine.

Our one and only blurry event picture. I've got to get better!

Saturday I was scheduled to have a booth at the Etsy Little Rock event. Friday night we were pretty positive that it was going to be pouring down rain all day and that the event would be cancelled so we enjoyed our friends company until about 2 am.. And then woke up Saturday to just clouds. Needless to say- I was sleepy and chilled in this picture and am grateful for a sweet husband and dear friends to keep me company. Please excuse the gray tarp behind me- it was blocking the wind as well as the pretty yard from view.

My little setup. I was for sure that I would be chasing people down at the end giving away cookies with cards but people actually purchased all but maybe a dozen of them. Great success in getting my business name out there! Woop!

Sunday was a day for rest and relaxation. Brady enjoyed our upstairs back deck and the sun. I joined him shortly after, kicking him out of "my chair". We enjoyed the outdoors, went to the store and grilled out on our downstairs deck. Brady made grass fed beef sliders with grilled pineapple, bacon, and jalapenos on Hawaiian rolls. yumm! We also played board games because we love those.. Everyone loves Scrabble. And for the record- Scrabble is a board game whereas Words With Friends is not. It is an app and a cheap ploy to "rebrand" an already existing and fabulous game to a new generation. Boo whore on that cheap tactic.

Who won? Me of course- I am the Scrabble queen. 

Happy Monday- Who's ready for Friday?!?! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Vacation + Announcement

We finally booked our vacation today and I couldn't be MORE EXCITED!! Happy dance! We originally wanted to go mid May to celebrate our anniversary but schedules got tight and flights got booked up so we are going the first week in June. This means a one day work week for B since it is the week right after Memorial Day. Hopefully this will also eliminate crazy sunburns because we will have at least a month of sun under our belts (or a month of potential days considering we have JOBS). Wait, you go back and read that sentence about Brady only having a one day work week and you ask yourself, "well what about you Sarah?". Well folks, I won't have a full time, regular, nine to fiver anymore because beginning in June, I will be baking full time with a catering company here in Little Rock. They are allowing me to be a private, independent contractor out of their kitchen to help grow my business as Ann Potter Baking.  And you all thought I was pregnant with last week's post HA! Jokes on you- or me- I'm the one who is going to be baking for a living.. Hence the need for a vacation before we go broke, have to sell our house, and then our souls to the devil.

This is all I need.. 
And this picture- well- I'm totally going to make Brady "recreate" this situation. Hilarious!

We're going to rent bikes just so I can meander through the lagoons and giggle joyously. 

 Don't these pictures look fun? Can. Not. Wait.

In celebration of my new future venture- please "like" my business page and if you feel compelled, visit my baking blog. Woop woop!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Five for Friday

1. More orders! 

Yes, these are Chippendales cookies.. that someone specially requested. Hilarious!

2. Enjoying some new candles.

3. Loving my new copper cookie cutters I found for $2 each at an antique store. They definitely solidify my "crazy cat lady" status.

Cat, reindeer, angel, and another kittie. Love!

Ollie appreciates them as well- he's too smug to pose for a picture though

4. Loving this angel baby and her funny spirit.

5. Excited for a weekend of celebration and Razorback spring football. What are we celebrating? I'll tell ya next week. It definitely deserves its own post! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ann Potter Baking

This week has been anxiety overdrive for lil ole Sarah and I am ready for a glass of wine. To help me celebrate won't you head over to my baking blog and tell me what you think about the new look. I have some exciting things on the horizon that I can't wait to share with all of you friends but until then, make sure to check out Ann Potter Baking on Facebook as well as my baking blog.

Love, peace and cookies. Gawd remember those shirts from Jr high??

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dove Experiment

This video is making it's rounds over social media but in case you happen to miss it- I think it is is well worth watching. It is a great lesson in self-confidence. Each of us has something we hate about ourselves, whether it is our "big thighs" or "pointy nose", but we all need to appreciate and focus on the beautiful. I've realized that if you are unhappy about the blemish on your face or the cellulite on your thighs, then for no reason call attention to it- most people don't notice teeny things like that and no one is perfect. Lord knows I am the worst at taking a compliment- something I am trying to be better at. Instead of diverting the attention, I am working on saying, "thank you, that made my day". Compliments have always made me self conscious or embarrassed.. I don't know why but we should all realize that the little hangups we have are just that- little.

Watch this video and I dare you to tell me one thing (or hell, twenty) that made you pretty or happy about yourself. Mine: I like my eyes- they are blue and when it isn't allergy season they are clear and bright. I also have long eyelashes that I accentuate with this

Friday, April 12, 2013

Five For Friday

1. Starting out this weekend with some fun drink recipes in hopes of recreating this baby.

Elderflower Margarita from Theo's in Fayetteville

2. Finding this post on Mashable. Too too funny! While reading through it, I definitely could think of a few people who are notorious violators- and they seem to actually be the couple of people. Are you guilty??

3. Making a delicious pizza with a cauliflower crust.

Chicken and bacon pizza with strawberries, caramelized red onions and balsamic glaze

4.  Can't wait to book our vacay next week. This picture has been my zen moment for weeks.

5. And saving the best for last- I am BEYOND excited that these dear friends will be visiting us this weekend from NOLA. Welcome back to Arkansas Gingo and Antwon!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dilated Eyes-

= Not being able to see or read a damn thing! I really hope I spell all of this correctly considering I cannot read or write this afternoon. I had a great post coming to yall about cookies and a cauliflower pizza crust but.. that will just have to wait until tomorrow. Happy Wednesday folks! Let us all say a little prayer for those of us who live in Central Arkansas- our weather is supposed to be cray cray tonight- maybe I'll wake up in Oz tomorrow though.. Wishful thinking?/ Ha!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Craving: Cookies

I don't know what has gotten into me, maybe it is reading this blog, but I am in a crazy cookie craving mood. And not these kinds of cookies people.. I want the kind that are studded with flavored chips, dipped in a glossy chocolate ganache and then bedazzled with sprinkles. Ahh- who wants to come over and help eat them because Lord knows I can't/ won't

Monday, April 8, 2013

Flower Bed Rehaul

This is our first Spring in the new house so we are having to do a lot of yard work to get up to my standards. We moved into a landscaped home but most of it was stock landscaping.. the occasional flowering bush (azaleas), some evergreens, and one or two ornamental plants (lavender and Japanese maple). Of course when planting a garden there are many things to take into consideration like sunlight and soil drainage but our builders/ landscapers didn't think that deeply and planted azaleas in partial shade and left chunks of concrete in beds. Yay for us! We tackled some more projects yesterday including planting some pots.


I planted one of my herb parts for our back deck. It receives full sun and is easy access from the kitchen. We have (clockwise) Hot & Spicy Oregeno, Thyme, Flat Leaf Parsley, and lots of Sweet Basil

Different leafy greens including spinach and romaine:

We also transplanted two hydrangeas that one of our neighbors tore out of their landscaping. They were too big for their space so they were giving them away. Worked out perfect for us because I wanted to plant hydrangeas because they need to be planted north facing- and guess what- this side of our house is! Yeah!

I ripped out three diseased azaleas. Can't wait until it start blooming!

We took out one azalea for the other hydrangea. 

And to end this gardening adventure- a picture of some tulips I planted this spring. Without these babies, we wouldn't have any color in our yard- at all!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Do any manual labor like us?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Traditional Easter

I hope everyone's week is going just swimmingly. Mine is in case you were wondering. ;) We had a fabulous Easter weekend filled with family and eating too much yummy food and here is the obligatory post to prove it. Forewarning: I served as the "family photographer" for Meghan, John and Ann so I apologize now for Ann overload. 

We spent Friday night socializing with some dear friends at a local pizza joint and drinking locally brewed beer. If that isn't the perfect Friday night activity then I don't know what is. Saturday we had some big plans, having invited my parents and B's parents over for the day to grill out and eat dinner. Brady cooked his "famous" chicken wings (seriously, my Dad is OBSESSED) and we got to enjoy each other's company. It is always so nice to get both sets of my parents together to hang out because usually it is one or the other and if it's Brady's family then that usually includes 8 others adults and 7 children. We of course don't have children yet so we are still a bit on the selfish side of the attention thing.. All in all Saturday was a success- and the only picture I took of the whole day was this one:

Coconut Cream Tart, recipe here. It was amazing and my thighs agree- we ate the rest of it for lunch yesterday. Heal-thy!

Sunday we woke up to a typhoon and headed out to 8 am mass at Christ the King. We then headed out to Russellville to hang out with the Teeter clan. Donna (John, my bro-in-laws momma), graciously invited us to join their family for Easter so we could watch the babe hunt eggs. Ann rules our lives and holidays, and really most days so the Ann Fan Club (website development underway just kidding) joined in on the Teeter Family Easter.

Mi Madre and Padre after church
Lily Potter and myself. The pillows are all a mess but at least I match the rug!

Total angel face


She received THREE Easter baskets. I'm not sure it was because of good behavior or only grandchild syndrome but she sure knew how to use them.

This is the best family pic I got- Ann is was super-biz.

We pose for pictures with other people's children. But only sometimes.

Three seconds later she was screaming bloody murder. She really does love us though. I promise!

And that my folks was our Easter.