Friday, July 19, 2013

Five for Friday

It has been a good "catch up week".  I started going to Pure Barre (3 times this week!), went on a couple of runs, detoxed minus one homemade milkshake and three glasses of champagne/wine!, and enjoyed lots of friend dates. How has your week shaped up? After having my camera attached to my hip for the past two weeks, I let it rest and charge up so please forgive my randomness to follow..

1. Ulta was out of my fav dry shampoo and I quickly realized that the replacement I purchased is not quite its equal...

 2. Loving my sister so very much and enjoying her and Ann's comic relief DAILY!

I think we can all relate.
3. Finding this food blog and instantly wanting to make half of the recipes including this Everything Fontina Biscuits! YUM!

4. Finally ordering new running shoes but not being able to decide on the Pure Cadence 1 or the new Pure Cadence 2.. Reviews aren't fab about the new technology so I ordered both.  Plus I couldn't decide on which color. Thoughts?

5. Glad to be back with Ollie Cat after 10 days.. As I type this.. Just got done cleaning up a large tumbler of spilled ice water. He enjoys putting his face in cups and stealing straws. Never dull.. 

This is his outdoor lounge spot. Yes, a pot full of dirt. It used to have celosia planted in it but Ollie quickly plucked the small plants out of their spots and lounged..

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Santa Fe Photo Recap

Santa Fe is an eclectic community to say the least. Just look at the picture below if you need any clarification- and this is why I LOVE visiting this artsy place. Everywhere you look there are galleries and beautiful gardens, adobe buildings with amazing history and architecture, and the food- well the food is DIVINE! We ate, drank and shopped our way through New Mexico on this vacation and I loved every second of it. If you aren't big on photos then you can go ahead to your next fav blog ;) This post has a bunch!

The generous parentals that take us on vacays year after year. Thanks moms and pops!

The neighbor kitty I befriended and swooned with a leftover pork chop. We're now pen pals. Ssshh- don't tell Ollie!

Hollyhocks are some of my favorite flowers and they are everywhere out west.

This is a picture of Taos downtown. We had afternoon thunderstorms daily and it was so surreal!

Fly fishing. Don't mind my shirt being buttoned incorrectly.. Sometimes it's hard to dress yourself... 

Last night! 
Hope you enjoyed *some* of the photos from the Santa Fe leg of our trip. Looking back over them, I want to go back!! Anyone down for a road trip?!? I hear Fall is the time to go because that's when they are roasting the chilis and apparently you can smell the city for miles and miles.. Sigh..

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Albuquerque New Mexico Recap

Good morning friends! We are finally back from our 11 day vacation. I love when a week long vacay is paired with a holiday that gets you a couple extra days off. Perfection!

Each summer we travel with my parents out West, something my sister and I have done since we were wee little ones. Sadly, John, Meghan and Ann couldn't come with us this year. Something about a sassy almost two year old, work, and the new baby on-the-way kept them from sharing in our fun. I guess I'll forgive them this year but next year it is on like Donkey Kong. Speaking of Donkey Kong, does anyone have the new Wii? Brady really wanted to buy one for me for my birthday.. yes, my birthday. Not his.

Brady and I drove out to New Mexico on Saturday the 6th to enjoy a few days on our own in Albuquerque. We had some fabulous restaurant recommendations from our friend, Missy and we enjoyed wining, dining and hiking through this awesome city! I always thought that Albuquerque was just an airport town and the real gems of the state were Santa Fe and Taos, but I would definitely go back again and again. Any of you ever been to Albuquerque? What did you think?

The nighttime view from the rooftop bar at our swanky hotel Hotel Parq Central.

We went hiking at the Petroglyph National Park and these centipedes were EVERYWHERE!! And this was one of the small ones.. Eek!

Yes, I rode this small hanging box up the side of mountains. 

This is what they used to ride up the side of the mountain. Wha-tha-heck?

New Mexico sunsets are stunning!
 Santa Fe and Fourth of July photo journals coming up this week as well! Happy Tuesday!