Thursday, August 29, 2013

Five for Friday

This whirlwind of a week has been joyous and tiring all at the same time. I am ready for a fabulous holiday weekend celebrating new baby Teeter, the arrival of Razorback football season and the ushering in of Fall.

Overjoyed at how the feature turned out in Social South magazine. Make sure to check it out- it starts on page 17. :)

Celebrating my busiest week to date and loving these fun third birthday cookies.

Catching up on some computer work and enjoying Ollie Cat's company. Batting my hand from behind the computer while I type is one his favorite hobbies these days.

On cloud nine with new business developments and opportunities. I'll share details soon! One of the perks of having your own business is working with amazingly talented designers on branding materials. Check out my new cards (full unveil soon!) by the fabulous Tabibi Design.

This pie. Dinner with friends. Excited Sarah.

Arkansas peach pie with streusel topping

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lusting for Fall Leather

I am loving that leather is a big trend this Fall- again. It is easy to wear and even easier to accessorize because I'm a big believer in letting your statement clothing speak for itself; a few accessories are all you need. Wearing leather with animal prints, neons, and/ or glitter is of course a no-no; I prefer to throw on my leather tank with a pair of jeans, my leather skirt with a white/ black t and call it a day. These are some items I am currently obsessing over.

Leather Plane Pullover- So cozy- so chic. I need!

Theory Leather Pullover

Forever21 Faux Leather Sleeve T 

Tinley Road Vegan Leather Blazer

Tinley Road Vegan Leather Tank- I ordered this last week and love it! Cheap and on sale too!

What are you fall fashion favs right now?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Necklace Organization

I tackled a project this weekend that I have been looking forward to completing- organizing my necklaces! They used to be housed in a tall glass canister which looked great but wasn't the most efficient when my necklace choice of the day was all the way at the bottom. Lucky/Unluckily, I shattered the vessel while cleaning a few weeks back and this has been their home lately.

This canvas that hides in the toilet nook serves as the mounting spot for my belt and tie racks that now organize my necklaces. The construction was very easy, a couple screws in the back braces and done!

Voila! An easy update to organize all of my costumy necklaces. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Five For Friday

Happy Friday! This week has been a joy! How has your week shaped up? Here are some tidbits from our week.

Enjoying some delicious breakfasts filled with fresh and local produce. (Yes, we always eat huge breakfasts..).

Celebrating the fact that I made it to three crossfit classes this week, with number four tomorrow morning. Hopefully I will hold myself accountable and keep the trend next week.

This new candle was the perfect addition to our cool nights this week. Musky, woodsy and slightly sweet, it is a new fav.

One of my orders this week was for Linzer cookies to accompany an European wedding party. These were a welcomed change to my regular baking schedule.

Linzer cookies with Apricot and Fig preserves. I think even Martha would approve.

Ordering some new cookie cutters and the fun game that ensues of trying to figure out what shapes are what..

Monday, August 12, 2013

Deep Sea Fishing Story Time

Looking through some past blog posts as well as listening to a voicemail from Karen (you will meet her in a bit) reminded me that I haven't blogged about our fun deep sea fishing adventure we had during our anniversary trip to Mexico. I may or may not have put off this post because it brings back painful memories of blood, vomit and a man named Iguana but here goes.

This picture is titled, "Foreshadowing: A Death and a Grip" 

As you loyal readers remember, we took a trip to Mexico in May to celebrate our anniversary. Brady's one request was that we go deep sea fishing one day so I said what the hell- why not?!? We booked a trip that could accommodate up to six people and had a crew of three. This should have been the first red flag because a boat that can only hold nine people is too damn small to be careening around the sea. The other details that should have been easily identified red flags include:

-Monsoon rains all week prior to our arrival.
-Cancellation of both prior fishing trips we booked earlier in the week.
-Wind advisories.
-Tropical storm Rita. Enough said.

We started out the trip around 11 am, and it was supposed to be an eight hour charter. Perfect! We'd be home by dinner. We got dropped off at the sketch marina, got signed in, and got on our boat. I thought this boat was going to look similar to the yacht we boarded in Costa Rica for our dolphin booze cruise but our boat.. well it was very modest. It reminded me of the boat off of Cape Fear but even smaller.

The ride out to sea was ridiculously bumpy, and it required a vice grip on the runner bars or you would be thrown around. We caught our bait fish and finally got out of range of land. I've always been told to keep your eye on the horizon and you'll never get sea sick but it proves quite difficult to do so when the swells on either side of you double the height of your vessel. As soon as we slowed down, I took a serious turn. I decided to climb up top to see if that wouldn't help, drank a beer, and tried to relax. Fast forward a couple of hours, I was still doing okay but seriously had to pee. I seriously contemplated just jumping off the side of the boat instead of crawling into the death trap they called the bathroom and living quarters. If you want to see what I had to enter to go to the bathroom please fast forward this video to two minutes and thirty seconds. Seriously, go ahead. You will see.

As soon as I squatted to pee, my body clenched up from the shear force of my nausea and I knew it was over. I quickly ran to the trap door (yes, it was a trap door, not a real one) and BANGED on it with anguished fists. I'm so so glad Brady had decided to move to the central seats of the boat from the captains seats up front because if he hadn't, no one would have heard me and I don't quite remember how Juliette Lewis fares in that scene above but I'm quite sure my fate would have been way worse.

I ask Brady for a bag (obvi I was delirious- I have an entire ocean to throw up into) and run to the side of the boat which is also the front. I don't get two minutes of alone throw up time in before Iguana the deckhand yells "Sa-rrahh Sa-rahh, fish on the line!! Fish on the Line!!" (for pronunciation think"hooplah" but what a "sa" instead of the "hoo"). I try to wave him off clearly expressing my lack of desire to real in a 60 pound "Tuna Bonita" in my current state but he was insistent. Bless his heart- he was genuinely excited for me to real in my first fish on the trip so I peel my happy ass off the deck and take my post mid heave.

I real in for about 20 minutes, finally get the fish close enough for Iguana to take over and he brings it in with that huge ass hook they use to pick the fish up out of the water. Ms. Tuna Bonita comes aboard with gusto, flops off of the hook, and splatters bright red blood diagonally across my neck, chest, arms and legs. It looked like a slasher movie. I have never been so sickened nor have I ever longed to be home from vacation so much.

After that, Karen and Charlie, the couple that were with us on the trip, were kind enough to tell the crew we were all ready to head back. Bless them. We still keep in touch, and by "keep in touch", I mean she calls and emails me about her plan to get me involved in her pyramid style business scheme.

A first and a last for this land dweller. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Midweek Musings

As I sit in my breakfast nook sipping on a glass of my favorite Sauvignon Blanc, I wanted to share a couple of musings to get you through the week.

I saw this fun post that is dedicated entirely to the music from the OC. I clicked on it this morning and wasted no less than 45 minutes watching and reliving some of the best scenes from the first couple of seasons. After about the third season, things got so weird that I refused to watch. The Marissa lesbian stage wasn't that weird but all the violence and shooting and extra characters?.. Unforgivable. Why do producers always do that to good shows (I know I just referred to the OC as a good show, hey at age 16, it was!!) Same thing happened to Nip Tuck. I dare you to open and NOT get sucked in.

A dear friend shared some fresh figs with us this week. I am contemplating making these Fresh Fig Buttermilk muffins but also think some fresh fig jam would be a delicious use.

Not the best picture but a muffin is a muffin..

Anyone else enjoying Shark Week? We are! I found this YouTube video and can't quit laughing! Crazy cat lady approved!

All of my orders were shipped out this morning so I have a few days of free-ish time. I am planning on deep cleaning our house tomorrow and then may catch up on some home projects. I found this art on Pinterest and think it could be the perfect DIY for my sister's dining room. What do you think?

This past weekend was filled with baby showers and babies!! Seriously- so many friends are pregnant and I love it! I got to share in the fun with Brandi and friends on Saturday and then helped host a beautiful shower for Angela on Sunday. Look at this pretty momma- 

Seriously? This gal looks AMAZING! I look like that after a burger and a milkshake! 

Happy Tuesday! Off to finish up dinner. xoxo- Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Five For Friday

Whirlwind week comes to end.. duh duh duh... This week was so much fun- and crazy! 

1. I participated in my first styled shoot on Tuesday with some absolutely downright talented people and didn't get home until 1:30 AM! Wha-whattt?! Seriously- was blown away by these peeps and what they came up with. I cannot cannot wait to show you some photos but we have to wait- and patience is NOT one of my virtues.

The only teaser pic I can include from my uber talented wedding photographer and friend Danielle Davis. Ahh! These people and this shoot- be still my heart.

2. Busy week for little ole Ann Potter Baking:

3. Enjoying this crazy cats company whilst watching Animal House in bed last night.. There couldn't have been a more appropriate movie choice..

4.  Having a fun dinner date with one of our fav friends, Missy, and her bringing over some of her Mama's homemade Fig preserves for a tasty app. That sparked an intense discussion of favorite fig dishes- fast forward to the next day and this shows up on my news food. Umm yes- Here I come Loblolly!

5. Preparing for two baby showers this weekend- hosting one and attending the other- gets my excited for some dear friends and the exciting new things that are happening in their lives! 

This weekend make sure to hug the ones you love and to wholeheartedly enjoy the company you are around. Life is good!