Monday, October 14, 2013

Style Shoot

I have blown up my instagram, personal facebook page, business page, and every other social media platform minus Snapchat (because that is just plain creepy) with this style shoot but I thought I might as well blog about it as well. :) You might remember me mentioning working on a shoot this summer in south Arkansas with the fabulous Danielle Davis and some other uber talented wedding vendors. Well this shoot is the culmination of a lot of hard work, lots of sweat (gosh that day was soo so hot), and a tons of planning!

Here are a few pictures including some of the desserts I provided. The theme revolved around seventies with bohemian and bold accents. I made mushroom sugar cookies decorated in monochromatic neutrals and rounds with edible ink fern transfers. I also did some desserts that channeled the seventies: Brown sugar pound bundt cakes with candied pecans and a modern take on the traditional "Cheerio" Pie. When researching for this shoot, I asked my mom what some popular desserts were in that era, she quickly responded with Cherrio Pie, a cream filled pie topped with cherry pie filling. I thought I would snaz it up a bit with an almond crust and instead of the saccharine sweet pie topping, a fresh black cherry. I was very pleased with the desserts and think they looked fab with the overall styling!

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